Welcome friends!

This has been a long time coming and honestly, didn’t think I’d ever get this site done. But here we are and I’m so glad that you’re here!

I invite you to start each visit with my ‘new posts‘ page, take a look at my past and other works, learn about my town and my love of Stamford History and I as I continue to add to this new site and you wonder who the hell I am, well, learn all about me by clicking the link.

This site is a continual work in progress. I hope to add to it as much as possible but really there is no schedule. If you’d like to hit the ‘follow’ link to keep updated, that would be great and my social links will also have updates as well.

This is a no rhyme or reason site. I write when the inspiration hits me and I wanted my own space where I could share it and keep a sort of online portfolio for myself of my work.

Thank you so much for being here, following along with my journey and here’s to good things to come!!




PS. A quick note, while I do have some affiliate links on here (i.e. Amazon links and the like), I am not responsible for nor do I have control over the more ‘blatant’ ads that are on here (such as those below). I will try to put a cue of sorts to what I have posted on here to help distinguish between the two and I apologize if any of the more ‘forced’ ads are intrusive.